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Coronavirus Delta & Lambda Variants

Coronavirus Delta & Lambda Variants

Montefiore-Einstein Proudly Marches in NYC’s Hometown Heroes Ticker-Tape Parade

Montefiore-Einstein Proudly Marches in NYC’s Hometown Heroes Ticker-Tape Parade

COVID-19 Vaccine Myths & Vaccinating Kids

COVID-19 Vaccine Myths & Vaccinating Kids

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Children's Hospital at Montefiore's Dr. Suzette Oyeku Speaks to NBC about Vaccinations and CDC Guidance for Children

Children's Hospital at Montefiore's Dr. Suzette Oyeku Speaks to NBC about Vaccinations and CDC Guidance for Children

FDA Authorizes Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine for 12 to 15-Year-Olds

FDA Authorizes Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine for 12 to 15-Year-Olds

Study: Kids Have An Easier Time Battling COVID-19, Potentially Linked to Immune Systems

Study: Kids Have An Easier Time Battling COVID-19, Potentially Linked to Immune Systems

 Listen to the Podcast Gaining National Attention About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Listen to the Podcast Gaining National Attention About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Jason Herrick Discusses Pandemic-Related Depression, Anxiety & Substance Abuse Disorders

Dr. Jason Herrick Discusses Pandemic-Related Depression, Anxiety & Substance Abuse Disorders

Dr. Eric Meyerowitz, Infectious Disease Specialist for Montefiore Medical Group joined BronxNet TV "OPEN" to discuss the Delta variant and why we’re seeing so many variants. 

Thank you to our frontline heroes who marched along the Canyon of Heroes representing Montefiore-Einstein in NYC’s Hometown Heroes ticker tape parade. We are proud to have supported this historical celebration honoring all essential workers who uplifted New Yorkers through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to all our frontline heroes for your heroic bravery that saved New York.

Montefiore-Einstein Infectious Disease Physician, Dr. Priya Nori joins “The Back Story” podcast to discuss how mRNA vaccines work and how often we may need to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Margaret Aldrich, Director, Pediatric Infection Control, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, recently joined BronxNet TV to discuss the latest information on vaccinating kids as the in-person school year approaches and to debunk some COVID-19 vaccine myths.

Montefiore-Einstein Psychologist, Dr. Ryan DeLapp, joins the “On Our Minds” podcast to discuss connections between inequality and mental health and best practices for enhancing our emotional wellbeing.

Montefiore Medical Group's Pediatric Psychologist Dr. Miguelina German shares insights on the mental health of children during the pandemic and how parents can help support children's mental wellbeing.

Kartik Chandran, PhD, Professor, Microbiology & Immunology and the Harold and Muriel Block Scholar in Virology at Einstein, explains to MIT Technology Review that despite the many variants of COVID-19, the virus has not fundamentally changed, and stresses the importance of using the current effective vaccines to control the pandemic.

Suzette Oyeku, MD, MPH, Chief, Academic General Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, recently spoke with Kristen Dahlgren of NBC News about what parents should know about protecting young children now that older children are eligible for vaccinations and the CDC has issued new guidance on masks.

Dr. Hina Talib, adolescent medicine specialist at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore spoke to the NY Times to address parental concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents.

In an interview with Washington Post, Montefiore-Einstein’s Simon Rego, PsyD, Chief of Psychology and Director of Psychology Training at Montefiore, provided his insight on using avoidance to cope, and what you can do to ease your anxiety about life post-pandemic.

Montefiore-Einstein’s Betsy Herold, MD, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Vice Chair for Research at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, joins News 12 Bronx to discuss new research on kids' innate immune response, which helps them get over #COVID19 better than adults.

Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, President and CEO, Montefiore Medicine, on ESPN. As Michael Kay announced on his Podcast yesterday: “I have never on social media seen total unanimity that I’m glad you guys had him on because he really helped educate us.”

Interim Director of the Adult Behavioral Health Integration Program at Montefiore Medical Group, Dr. Herrick joined BronxNet to share how the Behavioral Health Integration Program (B-HIP) provides support to the community.

Montefiore-Einstein’s Dr. Jonathan M. Gursky; Dr. Alex Boro; and Dr. Sheri Escalante, along with the rest of the dedicated team from Montefiore-Einstein Neurology, recently published a research article in Neurology Clinical Practice titled, "Disparities in Access to Neurologic Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bronx Tale."

Montefiore received one of the nation's highest honors for treating behavioral needs in primary care settings from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Our primary care providers are addressing behavioral health, including COVID-19-related depression and anxiety, and improving care access, experience and patient outcomes.

Montefiore-Einstein’s live-stream COVID-19 Remembrance Ceremony 2021: In honor of those lost and those who come together, every day, to heal New York. The ceremony is hosted by Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, President and CEO of Montefiore Medicine, and features performances by Jon Batiste, Orchestra of the Bronx, Every Voice Choirs and Sing Harlem from Mama Foundation for the Arts, with special guests, Montefiore-Einstein’s healthcare heroes.

The findings, published online in Nature Cancer, may lead to better care for cancer patients, who face a heightened risk of dying from COVID-19, and suggests that cancer patients should respond well to COVID-19 vaccines.

Montefiore-Einstein’s Dr. Anne Felicia Ambrose, MS, Director of Research and Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, speaks to Healio about preliminary research findings that demonstrate the benefits of physical therapy for patients with COVID-19.

Dr. Philip O. Ozuah discusses healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, his goals for Montefiore Health System, and thoughts on Westchester with 914INC. magazine.

A study led by Montefiore-Einstein’s Dr. Emad Nader Eskandar shows there’s a higher risk for in-hospital mortality independent of COVID-19 disease severity for hospitalized COVID-19 patients with altered mental status or stroke upon admission.

Dr. Zingman, Clinical Director, Infectious Diseases and Professor of Medicine, Montefiore-Einstein discusses the health system's efforts to ensure communities hit hardest by COVID-19 - people of color, health care workers, and people over 65 - are included in the AstraZeneca vaccine trial. Watch the full segment here.

An infant diagnosed with COVID‑19 showed signs of reversible heart injury and heart failure, according to a new case report by lead author Dr. Madhu Sharma, a pediatric cardiologist at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore.

Montefiore-Einstein’s Ulrich P. Jorde, MD, Vice Chief, Division of Cardiology, senior author of the study shares principal finding that statin use was associated with a dramatically reduced risk of death from COVID‑19 in hospitalized patients with diabetes.

Dr. Aluko Hope, Co-director, COVID-19 Recovery (CORE) Clinic and Associate Professor, Montefiore-Einstein speaks to NPR about coronavirus "long-haulers," and the prolonged or new symptoms that may occur months after getting COVID‑19.

Betsy Herold, Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Vice Chair for Pediatric Research at Montefiore and Einstein, speaks to the NY Times about her new research that may help explain why COVID‑19 affects kids less severely.

The FDA has approved the antiviral drug remdesivir (brand name: Veklury), for the treatment of hospitalized #COVID19 patients. “The approval of Veklury marks an important milestone in efforts to help address the pandemic by offering an effective treatment that helps patients recover faster,” said Montefiore-Einstein's Barry Zingman, MD, Director, Infectious Diseases, Moses Division, Montefiore Health System about the new approval.

Dr. Philip Ozuah shares his hope that during this moment, people will fight to eradicate racism while also working to end the coronavirus pandemic.

We are open for elective surgeries and procedures. For everyone’s safety, we have designated treatment areas for non-COVID-19 patients, and we have gone beyond industry standards to implement the most rigorous COVID-SAFE Care protocols currently available. Now more than ever, it’s important to not put your healthcare needs on hold.

Out-of-hospital heart attacks in NYC nearly tripled during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic—peaking on April 6, 2020 with 305 cases, an almost 10x increase from the same day in 2019—according to a study published in JAMA Cardiology by Dr. David Prezant of Montefiore, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and FDNY.

Former professional cyclist, John Loehner, MD, an internal medicine physician and medical director at Montefiore Health System's Moses Campus, shares his experience on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic and how cycling has been key in helping him weather this storm.

Montefiore’s Chief Psychologist, Dr. Simon Rego discusses the psychological impact of the COVID-19 lockdown and having a lack of “social rhythm reinforcers” like school, social events or the gym.

In Dr. Ozuah’s NYT op-ed, he writes: “I see rare hope that these twin disasters disproportionately hurting minorities — one a brand-new virus and the other a virus as old as the country itself — could finally prove the true strength of our shared humanity.”

Montefiore-Einstein's research reveals nearly all newborns born to COVID-19-positive mothers tested negative for the disease immediately after birth, according to the largest body of data in the U.S. about pregnant women & COVID.

Dr. Teresa Hsu-Walklet, Supervising Psychologist, Behavioral Health Integration Program (BHIP) at Children's Hospital at Montefiore, spoke to Bronx Times about how COVID-19 has affected children and parents. She says families should seek the treatment and support needed.

Dr. H. Michael Ushay of Children’s Hospital at Montefiore tells NY1 that Montefiore-Einstein has seen 37 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) patients, most of whom have been discharged, and the most reassuring aspect of the illness is how well children respond to treatment.

In the midst of a pandemic that has paralyzed the world, a CBS News team spent 7 days on the frontline at Montefiore-Einstein capturing the bravery and hope of our healthcare heroes who have been courageously fighting COVID-19.

Montefiore-Einstein's Dr. Nir Barzilai tells the NY Times that while vulnerability to COVID-19 increases at around age 55, older adults can slow or reverse their declining immune defenses with an improved diet and exercise regimen.

Dr. Nadine Choueiter of Children’s Hospital at Montefiore speaks to NBC New York about rare cases of Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS) related to COVID-19 and the importance of identifying symptoms so it can be treated.

Following promising results from NIH’s remdesivir trial, Montefiore-Einstein has begun testing a new drug combination as the next stage of the Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial (ACTT2) — remdesivir and baricitinib. This may be the key to treating the most severe COVID-19 cases.

Music therapy is helping to heal patients and staff at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore during COVID-19. Annalissa Vicencio, MA, MT-BC, Music Therapist, uses music to bring wellness and enhance the lives of patients, their families and her colleagues as well.

The Department of Pediatrics at Montefiore-Einstein conducted the largest single-center U.S. study researching how children are affected by COVID-19. While most children infected with COVID-19 have mild symptoms, a small number experience a severe response.

Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, CEO of Montefiore Medicine, spoke to MSNBC’s Morning Joe about testing, clinical trials, and the heroic fight, praising the courageous frontline workers at Montefiore.

Montefiore-Einstein's Dr. Barry Zingman, Clinical Director, Infectious Diseases and Professor of Medicine, Montefiore-Einstein joined JakeTapper on CNN to share early findings on the remdesivir trial he's leading.

New York Times' Nicholas Kristof tells the compelling story of Montefiore's ER Doctor Andres Maldonado who was diagnosed with COVID-19 and brought to the ICU after treating patients on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Researchers at Montefiore-Einstein conducted the largest study so far to assess outcomes for patients with cancer who have also been infected with #COVID19. The study, published in the online edition of Cancer Discovery, provides guidance on how to help protect this vulnerable patient population.

Can blood taken from people who have recovered from COVID-19 treat the virus? Montefiore-Einstein is teaming up with NYU Langone to study how COVID-19 survivors can aid current COVID-19 patients. Convalescent plasma may be the answer.

Montefiore-Einstein, one of the locations participating in the remdesivir clinical trial, has enrolled 91 patients in the study to test its effectiveness in treating #COVID19. Dr. Barry Zingman, Clinical Director, Infectious Diseases and Professor of Medicine, discusses promising early findings of remdesivir trial with NBC.

Doctors from Montefiore Health System applied for an emergency grant to purchase essential items such as diapers, wipes and formula for patient care packages. News 12 The Bronx highlights our #Monteheroes' efforts to get critical items directly to mothers and their babies in need amid the #COVID19 crisis.

Nicholas Kristof of the NYT tells the story of COVID-19 through the lens of humanity, as told to him by Montefiore heroes. He reports from the frontline on the stark reality of suffering, while showing the compassion, courage and heroism that brings light to this unprecedented time.

Why do men infected by COVID-19 generally show more severe symptoms and why are they are more likely than women to die from the virus? Researchers at Montefiore-Einstein showed for the first time that men clear the virus from their bodies slower than women. The explanation: a potential male-only “reservoir” for coronavirus.

Dr. Liise-anne Pirofski, Chief of Infectious Disease, Department of Medicine at Montefiore Health System, speaks to CNN about a new clinical trial to treat individuals infected with COVID-19.

Montefiore heroes read aloud an inspirational letter from their boss Dr. Scott Melvin, Vice Chair of Clinical Surgery. Filled with words of wisdom and hope, this motivational rally is defined by perseverance and bravery, during a moment in time we'll never forget.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Theresa Madaline, takes CNN inside Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital. Dr. Madaline discusses the severity and impact of COVID-19, as well as how they will prepare for what's to come.

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