Your Gratitude Keeps Us Going

The current outpouring of appreciation for New York's healthcare workers has been truly humbling. Our community's grace and optimism in the face of hardship inspires us every day. To all those who have cheered and honored our heroes, and to the many who are giving to support our COVID-19 efforts, Montefiore-Einstein would like to thank you. To those who would like to show their support, scroll down to discover how.

Here’s How You Can Support Our Healthcare Workers

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You can help us combat COVID-19 by donating to our Critical Response Care Fund. Your generous gift will help our medical teams, our patients and our community at large.

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Every note of thanks—no matter how small—helps keep the spirits of our healthcare workers high.

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Trusted Information Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The leading national public health institute of the United States

For the latest COVID-19 guidelines and information from New York State 

World Health Organization

UN agency responsible for international public health